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C++ Input/Output : Streams

In this article, you will learn about Streams Based Input/Output in C++ .The input/output operations which involve keyboard as input device and screen as output device are known as Console I/O operations . The input/output operations which involve file as input device and output device are known as File I/O operations C++ Input/Output implement concept of stream .It is an object-oriented alternative to C's FILE-based streams from the C standard library.Stream is the sequences of bytes or flow of data , which acts as a source from which the input data can be obtained by a program or a destination to which the output data can be sent by the program.
Input Stream :It is flow of data bytes from a device (e.g Keyboard , disk drive) to main memory Output Stream : It is flow of data bytes from main memory (i.e program) to a device
Stream Class Hierarchy
Stream class is the collection of data and the methods necessary to control and maintain flow of data or stream .These stream class are …

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