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Fibonacci series using recursive function

Write a program using recursive to read positive number  and determine the fibonacci series of n terms C Program source code #include<stdio.h> #include<conio.h> int fibbo(int n1, int n2); int n ,no=1 ,temp; int main () { int n1=0,n2=1; printf("Enter number of terms in fibbonaccic series:"); scanf("%d",&n); printf("\n"); printf("fibbonaccic series of %d term are :\n" , n); printf("%d\t",n1); printf("%d\t",n2); fibbo(n1,n2); getch(); return 0 ; } int fibbo(int n1 , int n2) { if(no==n-1) return 0; temp = n1; n1=n2; n2 =n1+ temp; printf("%d\t",n2); no++; fibbo(n1,n2); } You can Browse related article below for more information and program code related to string function  Does above is helpful , Post you views in comment DO NOT MISS OTHER C PROGRAMMING TUTORIAL * indicates required Email Address * Fibonacci series using recursiv